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Avino IoT Technology Inc.

Location: Kanata, ON

Sector: Technology

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Avino IoT Technology Inc. is an Internet of Things company with a proprietary engine that can be used to simplify the management of thousands of IOT devices in a user friendly environment with customizable dashboards.  Avino will focus on its first vertical in partnership with Dell through advanced data analytics offering the AvinoIoT Smart Building Solutions (ASBS), to provide enterprise energy management services to commercial building owners, helping them reduce energy usage and maintenance costs, while improving occupant comfort. Our solution can also offer significant cost savings by reducing the manual operation required to maintain compliance with many food and safety requirements imposed on some operators. ASBS leverages the convergence of IT and Building Technologies to provide a suite of data-focused services to reduce building operating costs by up to 30%. The continuous analytics improves equipment performance that results in a number of tangible and intangible benefits for building owners and occupants.

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Disruptive Technology and Capability

AvinoIoT Smart Building Solutions (ASBS) has been developed with the expectation that it will interface with Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning technology allowing ASBS (with AI) to learn customers needs and requirements, ranging from customized reports to predictive cost saving actions.


AvinoIoT Smart Building Solutions (ASBS) fully developed and owned by Avino IoT Technology

This advantage allows Avino to adapt to our customers and OEM vendors needs in a very quick and responsive fashion with negligible latency in an agile software development environment.


Strong management team, expert advisory board members & established clientele

Each member of the executive management team has close to three decades of experience in his respective areas of expertise. Avino’s board of advisors are industry veterans who are experts in the IoT space including Cisco’s IoT industrial research chair and entrepreneurs and leaders who have started or grown billion dollar companies.


Solution can be integrated with legacy systems and existing building infrastructure through retrofitting resulting in energy savings from day one

Avino offers a solution which is Capital “Light” and Non-Disruptive for the existing building tenancy. Capital “Light”: Instead of expensive retrofits, ASBS optimizes existing equipment to run more efficiently. Non-Disruptive: Since there is no equipment to replace, the building does not need to be taken “off-line” and tenants are not impacted.


Preferred partnership with Dell

Avino has been requested to become a Dell Technology Provider Executive partner and are in the final stages of this application process. Dell will be using the Avino solution platform for its enterprise customers.

As part of being a preferred partner, Avino will have:

  • Access to financing from Dell
  • Authorized use of the Dell IoT Solutions Partner logo
  • Access to Dell’s IoT labs
  • Structured contact with Dell Partner Program Team, OEM Development and Sales
  • Executive sponsorship, invites to exclusive events, etc. including the opportunity to speak at the Dell IoT Conference
  • Established OEM sales contact(s)
  • Potential for co-selling
  • Potential for joint marketing, events, co-operative marketing funds
  • Potential for joint case studies

Avino offers a single integrated platform through the AvinoIoT Smart Building Solutions (ASBS) to track, monitor and control all essential building services. The company has a single reporting structure to manage these services. The different types of reports available are-Annual Reports, KPI Reports, Energy Centre Reports, Building Performance Reports, Profile Reports, Comparison Reports, Multiple Meter Reports, and Carbon Emission Reports among others.


For large building complexes, Avino offers the capability to fully optimize and monitor building services, a process which delivers value over a 5-7 year period through a project management approach. The phased approach consists of Assessment, Integration & Data Collection, and as part of the Continuous Optimization, Analysis & Recommendations, Corrective Actions and Measurement & Verification at the building Project Management Office.

Tom Ma, President and CEO

Tom is a global international business leader with more than 28 years of experience. He has been involved in building and managing companies from the start-up stage to IPO. He is experienced in managing global operation with complex organizational and distribution channels. Tom is a visionary and hands-on CEO who has built companies with global operations in Telecommunications, Government and Greentech. He has developed strategic partnerships with North American, European and Pacific-Asian companies. He has been instrumental in getting strategic investment set up between the Americas and Asia Pacific region. He also possesses well established business relationships in North America and Asia Pacific region. Tom enjoys a strong relationship with major telecommunications carriers, large enterprises and the government in Asia Pacific.


John Daniel Hilton, CFO 

Daniel is a seasoned financial leader, with significant experience in the technology sector and strong political relationships. He is the Co-Founder of several capital pool companies and past Chair of the Scout Canada Foundation. Daniel obtained his Chartered Accounting designation with Deloitte LLP in Canada, completed his Bachelor of Commerce with the University of Ottawa and completed his graduate studies at Queen’s University (MBA – Operations and Strategy) and Cornell University (MBA – Finance Concentration).He currently serves as a Director and Audit Committee Chair of Leonovus Technology (TSXV), and Careworx.


Rolf Christensen, CTO

Rolf is a software executive with over 30 years of experience in both public and private sector organizations, who is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Core Migration and Core IT Consultants (Core). Rolf’s career started in R&D and Product Management and has over the year encompassed all aspects of running a successful software company including core Technology Research and Development, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Strategy. In his current role Rolf continues to be responsible for overall Product Design and Development, Product Management, Product Strategy, R&D and Partnerships.


Randolph Carter, CRO

Randolph is a Sales and Revenue Generation expert who possesses more than 30 years of advancement and achievement in IoT, Telecom, DoD and Security systems development with a vast knowledge of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) industry. He is a change agent and consensus builder with a proven ability to lead and drive large teams with results. He has provided technical enablement and thought leadership on operations, marketing, and business development. He blends technical know-how, and business acumen to achieve unparalleled results.


John Webley, Special Advisor

John is a Fibre-Optic telecommunications expert with over 30 years of experience in starting several successful companies.He has strong interest in Telecommunications and Greentech. He is a disruptive thinker and believes in building big companies because he feels small companies only have a small impact, in his words “If one wants to make an impact in the world, it has to be done on a large scale”. John’s current initiatives are in clean air and clean water. His company Trevi Systems will be the first electric-free, solar-heated system that can economically purify brackish water and remove chemicals. His other company Innovative labs has created air purifiers that capture dust and pollen from indoor spaces, the devices also remove noxious chemicals and their odors, such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.


Dave Johnson, Special Advisor

Dave is a distinguished leader who is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Jenne. He has a career spanning more than 35 years in R&D, product management, marketing, operations, service and sales including sales operations and sales channel strategy, direct sales, indirect sales, and the company’s growing alliances with systems integrators.


Mohamed Ibnkahla, Special Advisor

Mohamed Ibnkahla is a Cisco Industrial Research Chair and Full Professor at the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He was previously at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada and INP, Toulouse, France. He is currently involved in a number of projects applying wireless technology to several areas, including: public health, environment monitoring, wildlife tracking, precision agriculture, food traceability and safety risk monitoring, medication traceability, highway safety and intelligent transportation systems, control of renewable energy, water management, and Smart power grid, etc.