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ATW Tech (AtmanCo Inc.)

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Sector: Technology

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ATW Tech (AtmanCo Inc.) (TSX-V: ATW) is a leader in information technology, owner of several web platforms including VoxTel, Québec Rencontres, VuduMobile, Atman and Bloomed. VoxTel offers various interactive landline and mobile carrier billing phone solutions. Quebec Rencontres is a web and mobile social network application catered to building serious and sustainable relationships. VuduMobile is specialized the text messaging business for enterprises through its unique, user-friendly and bilingual test messaging application et turnkey solution allowing management of text message management programs in all kind of businesses. Atman and its APIs enable companies to optimize their human capital. Bloomed is a cloud-based platform to manage data (smart data) on consumers and their behaviors, which is developed for marketing agencies and their campaigns for the consumer and corporate markets.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary


VoxTel develops interactive voice response applications, Web applications and carrier billing for mobile and landline phones. It offers micro-billing solutions for landline and mobile phones, giving and donation solutions for registered charities, transfers from free to premium content on phone services, and variable price billing solutions for phone services.



Founded in 2005, has its head office located in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with activities in Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico and Central America and offers premium products on mobile phones with carrier billing agreements in 6 countries of Latin America, including 9 direct connections and 16 indirect connections. PlusMobile’s quality contents offered include mobile apps in the business segments of education, kids, entertainment (games, sports, videos) as well as mobile marketing via SMS such as contests. PlusMobile’s products, licensed or in partnerships, includes well-known brands such as Discovery from Discovery Channel.



VuduMobile offers professional text messaging services through its reliable and flexible text messaging web platform. The SMS solutions are used to facilitate instant communication with clients and enhance the efficiency of their customer service.



Leader in the industry, AtmanCo offers scientifically validated psychometric tests and services for businesses to boost their productivity, performance and prosperity by focusing on their most important asset: their employees. AtmanCo also launched a spin-off product for consumers, aimed at college and university students.

Carrier billing solutions  for small and medium size content providersCarrier billing agreements with all Canadian telecom carriers with developed technologies and various payment options to offer (carrier billing, credit card)


Information and marketing business messaging – On the edge technological platform and turnkey solution for mobile text messaging used for mobile marketing and information sharing within organisation (i.e. transportation, medical clinics, hotels & restaurants)


Votation systems and monetization of votation – Complex votation systems to allow organizations (political parties, tv shows, syndicates, etc) to vote and pay sometimes for their votes


Human resources recruiting and retention – Atman psychometric test is scientifically validated with a unique feature of matching two individuals and how they should behave between each other


Important Factors

  • Fast growing markets (carrier billing, messaging, online dating, smart data)
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Game changer acquisition of PlusMobile – Geographical expansion, significant cross-selling opportunities
  • Experienced and knowleageable Board and Management team to execute on its strategic plan
  • Significant upside coming from the mass market penetration, cross-selling opportunities and the smart data

Michel Guay, President

President and founder of Atman Co., Michel Guay completed his studies in psychology at the University of Montreal in 1984. He has over 25 years’ experience in the business world. Innovative and creative, he developed an entrepreneurial expertise in strategy development and strategic alliances at the national and international level. He practices consulting, teaching, research and management. He also gives several lectures on the art of performance management at work, skills assessment, turnover, staff selection and managing as coach. He is also developing several training programs on human capital development. Lately, Michel Guay dedicated his expertise to new forms of organization and human potential development, especially in the context of psychological assessment selection and promotion as well as analysis of team and organizational structure. Finally, he designed and directed the preparation, validation and standardization of the Atman test.


Simon Bedard, CFO

Mr. Bedard, CPA, CA, CFA, MBA has over 20 years of diversified working experience in strategy, finance, accounting and business development within an international environment. Over the years, Mr. Bedard has been closely involved in mergers & acquisitions, financing and capital markets, both as a consultant in high profile organizations and as a CFO role. His strong expertise in managing growth, enhancing performance and integrating businesses are key to the success of ATW Tech.


Stephane Poirier, VP Technology and Marketing

Passionate about technology and innovation, Stephane Poirier studied software development at Collège Montmorency before taking continuing professional education courses in project management at Université de Montréal. With more than 15 years’ experience in human resources management automation, specifically in the field of health care, Mr. Poirier is particularly well versed in leading-edge software solutions. As founding partner of the PCMS group, Mr. Poirier has led working groups in the design and development of human resources software and the exploration of new markets.