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Aqus Development Ltd.

Location: Taber, Alberta

Sector: Real Estate, Technology

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AQUS Development Ltd (AQUS) provides agriculture development in the form of preparing and installing sub surface drip irrigation on farmland parcels. This increases productivity by as much as 5 fold and subsequently increases value. In addition AQUS provides best use and management practice recommendations for each parcel. This is accompanied by a complete crop and lease out report, the tenants are also provided. AQUS also provides critical infrastructure development plans and services.

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MG cp Summary

Simplicity – Investors purchase, own, develop, a piece of farmland, and rent it out.


Security –  Investors have complete and full title and control of real estate.


Quality investment with very good returns – Farmland has been a solid investment for generations and will continue. High producing farmland with water rights has proven to be one of the best investments in our modern world. Highly efficient drip irrigation systems with water and energy conservation will be sought after.

  • This particular investment is within the city of Brooks, Alberta and holds a potential for residential and commercial development.
  • This provides us with an opportunity to sell off portions while still having an agriculture income and appreciation.
  • The farmland parcel is 337 acres of farmland with water rights and a pressurized water delivery. The 337 acres would be developed by AQUS using SDI.
  • Some additional infrastructure would also be added in the form of grain storage.
  • The entire property would be leased out to a farm operating entity. Tenant is already secured.
  • The investment calls for approximately $1,700,000 in equity with a debt instrument of $1,800,000. This reflects “all in” costs including commissions and development.
  • Upon completion of development and at least one production cycle, a portion could be sold to return nearly half of the equity investment.
  • Returns to investment approach a combined 24% before sell off including farmland capital appreciation.
  • Annual net cash returns are near 7% to equity investment before sell off, and 15% after sell off.
  • Valuation upon completion will be $4,800,000.

Franklin Deleeuw, President 

Franklin has over 40 years of operating own business. He ran a family farm with his brothers until age 32, and started a new farm in irrigation in 1995 at age 35 which has a current value of $25 million. He initiated and successfully secured outside investment in agriculture in 1998. He sold farm in 2012 so his son could buy his own farm. He implement his First drip irrigation project in 2010 and has been instrumental in major drip irrigation project in US. He founded AQUS as a vehicle to provide growth to service provider and farmland parcel owner.