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ATI Airtest Technologies Inc.

Location: Delta, BC

Sector: Technology.

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AirTest offers sensors, controllers and wireless/IoT monitoring capability that contribute to comfort, safety and most of all energy efficiency of commercial buildings by providing feedback control to HVACR systems generally not available when buildings were originally constructed.


The Company also provides methods and energy analysis programs that can predetermine the level of energy savings and estimate the ROI prior to an AirTest system being installed which minimizes the risk to decision makers on proceeding with a project.


  • Airtest has been selling sensors to control parking garage ventilation for over 20 years.
  • With today’s products and latest technology our systems will save between 80% and 95% for a parking garage conversion where sensor control of the fans had not been used.
  • Mike Schell, our VP Marketing, has developed an energy analysis program for parking garages that enables Airtest to predict what energy savings will result from a conversion, and therefore estimate the ROI for the customer. Mike has also been instrumental in helping AirTest develop a state of the art system.
  • Before coming with Airtest some 15 years ago, Mike Schell was a co-founder of Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) using CO2 sensors to measure the number of people in a space and control heating and cooling based on real time occupancy. This has proven to be a huge energy saving process for variable occupancy commercial buildings as well as for schools and universities.
  • AirTest also has had strong long term performance from its lead engineer, plus 2 field sales personnel who can generate specifications for field projects to ensure each project will perform to maximum efficiency.



  • Airtest is a leader when it comes to specifying the best solution for all types of sensor controlled HVAC applications. Our technical sales and engineering people are strong and have all been with us for many years as we have had zero staff turnover in these areas for more than 10 years.
  • Between exhibiting at trade shows, providing articles for magazines related to controlling air quality and saving energy, and making personal presentations at educational forums, Airtest has made a significant contribution to others wishing to learn about energy efficiency in buildings.


Technology Advantage 

  • In the parking garage market, many of our competitors simply sell sensors to turn all the fans on or off depending on toxic gas levels in the garage. Airtest uses variable frequency drives to adjust the fan speed based on the level of toxic gases at the time. We run the fans at 25% to maintain a positive pressure in the garage at all times, which assures that toxic gases will not creep into the upper levels of the building, and fans running at 25% draw only 3% of the power compared to fans running at full speed.If toxic levels increase our system will increase fan speed as necessary, but rarely reach full speed due to the consistent low level fan activity.
  • In the very large DCV market, Airtest has become the only company with wireless CO2 sensor control of HVAC equipment.Prior to our wireless system being introduced CO2 sensors were electrically wired throughout the building wherever DCV was being utilized.  Because of the high cost of installing wired systems, our wireless system can be installed at less than half the cost and be completed much faster than the wired systems.
  • Airtest has also taken advantage of the wireless capability to develop a wireless platform that can control the operation of rooftop air handlers and economizers. This is a fairly recent add on, but is being very favorably received by retail chains who will now be able to save energy cost using DCV and will also save from the rooftop HVAC equipment being operated more efficiently and with continuous data monitoring if desired.
  • Another product that Airtest has developed is a high quality combination CO2 sensor and controller to be sold by hydroponic stores to the greenhouse industry. We had sold this product successfully through a distribution company in California who went out of business, and for the current market we are making a small modification to become more competitive and take advantage of the rapid growth of greenhouses related to the Cannabis market.

AirTest is A Well Established Name in the Buildings/Control Industry

AirTest is a well known manufacturer of sensors for the building industry. Company sales and marketing personnel participate in a number of trade shows and meetings, write magazine articles, speak at technical meetings and write articles for trade publications.  We also participate in relevant meetings regarding HVAC standards as part of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers).


Strong Technical Partners Provide Us With A 2-3 Year Technology Lead

AirTest has partnered with a number of leading technology companies in the development of our proprietary and exclusive products.  For example our entire line of wireless product is a result of collaboration with three separate companies where AirTest understand the market requirements and our partners develop wireless products to our specifications.


Retail/Supermarket Target Market Relationships

A large and key market for AirTest is with retail buildings and including supermarkets.  We actively participate in an organization that includes facility management staff of all large retail organizations and the service organizations that serve them.  We already have identified a number of organizations interested in installing our wireless products.


Strong Market/Application Knowledge

AirTest has a number of people on staff who are highly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the building control industry.  This has helped give us the reputation of being on the cutting edge of technology while being a good resource for technical support and sales advice.


Focus On Retrofit Market

While new construction is a major driver in the building industry we also see large untapped enormous potential in the retrofit of buildings to accommodate recent energy savings technologies.  95% of existing building are 5 years and older and are under pressure to reduce energy costs.  AirTest has a specific focus on providing products that meet the unique challenges of retrofitting existing buildings with its cost effective technology.


Aggressive Market Pricing

AirTest prices it product to be the most cost effective in the industry offering the best value in total installed cost.

George Graham, President and CEO

Mr. Graham was born and raised in BC and his work with a national company caused him to work in Montreal, Halifax and Winnipeg prior to returning to BC as a private company businessman.   His family of one daughter and two sons all reside in BC and his oldest son Murray works with AirTest as Operations Manager.  Mr. Graham operated several successful private companies before founding AirTest and then taking the company public in 2000. AirTest suffered a couple of serious setbacks including the primary reason it went public, but Graham was determined to reshape its priorities and make it a successful investment for its very loyal body of shareholders.


As a result of some forward looking product development over the past three years, the company is poised to enjoy very strong growth going forward, and Mr. Graham is dedicated to ensure the business maximizes its growth by taking advantage of its unique product offering at this time.



Mike Schell, VP Marketing & Business Development

Mr. Schell has close to 30 years experience in developing markets for gas sensor applications. Before joining AirTest Mr. Schell was a co-founder of Telaire, the first company to develop low cost CO2 measurement technology for the buildings market. As a pioneer in the concept of using CO2 sensors to control ventilation based on occupancy, Mr. Schell has led AirTest in putting together an excellent product and sales support capability which has resulted in the strong growth of the company’s Parking Garage Systems as well as the HVAC control systems that are based on CO2 sensor measurement of real time occupancy in variable occupancy buildings.


During the last three years  Mr. Schell has worked closely with GSS out of Scotland, Point Six Wireless based in Kentucky, and XCSpec in California to coordinate the development of energy saving systems based around our CO2 WiFi sensors. At the same time AirTest can offer substantial additional savings by controlling and monitoring Rooftop Air Handlers. Mr Schell has a strong background in OEM and distributor-based selling that complements his extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and indoor air quality applications.