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AG Energy Solutions, Inc.

Location: Spokane, Washington

Sector: Clean Tech


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AG Energy Solutions, Inc. is a privately held clean technology company focused on converting agricultural waste into synthetic gas and high value natural soil amendment products branded “Carbon Logic”.

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MG cp Summary

Unique, crop-specific, proprietary formulations – Unlike most products being marketed as “Biochar”, Carbon Logic products are derived from grass based biomass and formulated with a proprietary blend of plant derived nutrients and minerals specifically to enhance the growth of Cannabis.


Production TechnologyPatented production technology enables processing of multiple feedstocks. Trade secrets and control algorithms maintain narrow operational parameters, ensuring a consistent quality product to the end user.


Strong pull from the Cannabis IndustryRapidly expanding market seeking increased soil productivity with a strong emphasis on natural/organic growing methods. Four independent trials resulted in 20+% yield improvements.

AG Energy Solutions, Inc. is a privately held clean technology company focused on converting agricultural waste into synthetic gas and high value natural soil amendment products branded “Carbon Logic”.  The Carbon Logic product line is being developed by processing several biomasses and other plant derived minerals to create ideal supplements formulated specifically for cannabis crops to provide significant yield and quality improvements.  Two unique formulations have demonstrated an increase in yield of 20-40%, accelerated root development, and improved water and nutrient availability.  Carbon Logic products may be OMRI listed and certified for use in Organic Agriculture.  AG Energy Solutions, Inc. has on-going research to expand the Carbon Logic product line into other crop markets.

David Drinkard, President/CEO

David Drinkard came to AG Energy Solutions, Inc. in May 2015 as Chief Operating Officer.  Focus was on developing the gasification system to be reliable and provide a consistent/quality product.  As President & CEO, focus shifted to executing a pivot to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the Cannabis Industry and provide near term revenue.


Philip Appel, Founder / Board Director

Philip Appel is the founder of AG Energy Solutions, Inc. and served as Chief Executive Officer from 2010 -2016.  During his management of the day-to-day operations of the corporation Dr. Appel saw the successful development of AG Energy Solutions, Inc.’s gasification technology through to the installation and operation of 3 production units.  Currently Dr. Appel continues his involvement as technical consultant and director of the board.


Jacob M. Culley, Engineering Manager

Jacob Culley joined AG Energy Solutions, Inc. as the Engineering Manager in March of 2014. He assumed responsibility for designing the Carbon Logic production units.  Currently, Jacob Culley oversees the team who is responsible for daily operation of the existing units to produce Carbon Logic Products.  His expertise with material conveyance and automation led to low cost/robust solution.