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Accelergy Corporation

Location: Houston, Texas

Sector: Clean Tech


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Accelergy develops and deploys a suite of technologies that take a wide range of low value renewable commodities such as vegetable oils or biodiesel and converts them into high value, very profitable specialty chemicals such as low toxicity, biodegradable drilling fluids, industrial lubricants, pharmaceutical grade solvents and food grade coatings.

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  • Accelergy’s Technology Accelergy has developed proprietary IP which enables it to produce very high value chemicals at a very low price. Accelergy’s precision chemistry allows Accelergy to engineer specific high performance characteristics into its products.
  • Exclusive partnerships – Accelergy has exclusive technology licenses from some of the world’s leaders in the oil & gas industry as well as exclusive partnerships with some of the largest and best-in-class equipment providers in the chemical processing industry.
  • Unique ability to combine best-in-class technologies Through Accelergy’s extensive networks it has struck industry unique deals to combine competitors technologies which enable Accelergy to achieve high efficiency and low cost manufacturing.
  • Cost Advantage – Accelergy targets products where its solution provides a significant cost advantage and can maintain a low cost position in the market

Accelergy develops and deploys a suite of technologies that take a wide range of low value renewable commodities such as vegetable oils or biodiesel and converts them into high value, very profitable specialty chemicals such as low toxicity, biodegradable drilling fluids, industrial lubricants, pharmaceutical grade solvents and food grade coatings. We provide State Of The Art Technology At Commodity Prices.  Accelergy integrates its technology with best in-class suppliers, including six of the leading companies in the oil and gas industry to achieve superior yields and process economics in multiple specialty chemical sectors. Our value proposition is simple:  Products that cost less and perform better than competitive petroleum based products, all the while being able to meet increasingly demanding environmental requirements.

John Rockwell, CEO – John has more than 25 years of experience managing and developing companies commercializing products in numerous CleanTech markets as well as making venture capital investments in these markets. Prior to Accelergy, he has served as the leader of four companies all of which became leaders in their market and realized successful exits for their investors. John has invested, developed and managed companies broadly across the CleanTech sectors including cleaner chemicals and fuels, materials substitution, manufacturing efficiency, supply chain, energy storage, energy efficiency, smart grid, and solar. During his career, he has invested in 22 companies in the CleanTech space, with 14 of those investments having realized an exit.

Rocco Fiato, CTO – Dr. Rocco Fiato brings over 30 years of experience in synthetic fuels catalysis science and process engineering, corporate strategic planning, and intellectual property management from the oil and gas industries to Accelergy. Before joining Accelergy, he was with ExxonMobil, where he retired as a member of the executive staff for the Research & Engineering Company with responsibilities for advanced catalytic process technology development, strategic planning and IP program development on synthetic fuels. Over the course of his career, he served as Head of Catalysis Science in Exxon Corporate Research, Head of Competitive Technology Assessment in the Process Engineering Department, Intellectual Property Manager for the Gas-to-Liquids Technology Division, and Technical Advisor to the Corporate Planning Department of ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company. He is a named inventor on 82 U.S. and 296 foreign patents and author of more than 48 publications on various aspects of alternative energy and synthetic fuels production.

Greg Smitherman, CFO & VP Corp Development – Mr. Smitherman brings over 25 years of working with early and midsized companies in a range of industries. He brings a wealth of experience as an operator, venture capitalist, and M&A specialist. Since 2007, Mr. Smitherman has been working as an entrepreneur with early and mid-sized companies. He came in as CEO to turn around, the largest free conferencing company in the U.S. He was COO of mKlik a mobile video start up and CEO of Expert Insight a mobile content company. Additionally, he has worked with a variety of companies supporting their business development, financial, and fund raising strategies.

Mark Allen, Vice President, Integrated Carbon Solutions – Mark Allen is a licensed professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the design, construction and operation of large-scale engineering, infrastructure and environmental projects, including biological process systems with capacity of more than 500 million gallons per day. As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Allen co-founded A2BE Carbon Capture in 2007 and a corporate knowledge management company in 1999. Previously, he managed large engineering organizations for Rust Environment and Infrastructure, Metcalf & Eddy, SAIC, and others.

Paul Spurgeon, Vice President, Business Developments – Paul Spurgeon has spent his career in energy technology and project development, finance, M&A, marketing and logistics.  Mr. Spurgeon led a company, DTEPepTec, that commercialized a chemical technology for the colloidal suspension of clay particles, including the construction and operation of a 250 ton per hour coal cleaning plant in Cadiz, Ohio.  Mr. Spurgeon led the alternative energy investment programs for Consol Energy and Alpha Natural Resources, two of the largest coal mining companies in the US.   Mr. Spurgeon was also the CFO of a subsidiary of DTE Energy that specialized in railroad logistics and structured energy products for the electric utility industry.   This broad background provides a wealth of knowledge and personal relationships for developing specialty chemical and bio-fertilizer projects.