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Listing Requirements

Listing Requirements

Companies or Investment Funds interested in listing with the OCMX will be asked to provide a variety of detailed information, documents, and financial statements for review and approval. The key elements of this review are provided below and will form the core elements behind the OCMX and its listing staff’s decision. Companies and investment funds are encouraged to contact the OCMX and its listing staff as early on in the process as possible so as to best understand which areas should be their focus as well as how best to handle any potential hurdles facing the business or investment fund.  Please note that the below items are not an exhaustive or prerequisite list but are meant purely as a summary for informational purposes.

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Criteria 1: Financial Statements and Corporate Documents

  • Income Statement (past three years preferable)
  • Cash Flow Statement (past three years preferable)
  • Balance Sheet (past three years preferable)
  • Corporate Articles and By-laws
  • Additional supporting documents (including, if applicable, reports prepared in compliance with applicable accounting standards)

Criteria 2: Due Diligence Materials

  • Completed OCMX Financing Package
  • Business or Investment Fund Overview
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Strong Understanding of the Company’s or Fund’s One, Three, and Five Year Plans
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Intellectual Property, Patents (pending and otherwise)
  • Invested Capital to Date
  • Material Contracts

Criteria 3: Opportunity Screening and Analysis

  • The Market Potential must be Clearly Demonstrated
  • Milestones Achieved to Date by the Company or the Fund
  • One Year Working Capital Requirements
  • Minimum Operating History
  • Evidence of a Viable Operation Subject to Risks

Criteria 4: Senior Management and Key Shareholders Review

  • Track Record of Senior Management
  • Credibility of Senior Management
  • Interview with the Chief Executive Officer
  • Interview with the Chief Financial Officer (preferably not the same person as the CEO)
  • The listing Staff of the OCMX will also Look at the Suitability of All Officers, Directors and Stockholders Holding 10% or More of the Company’s Stock.
  • Personal Information Forms
  • Board Directors (At least two independent directors are preferred)

Criteria 5: Ongoing Listing Requirements

  • Ongoing Reporting and Disclosure Requirements Need to Be Met
  • All Companies or Investment Funds Listed on the OCMX Must Agree to Abide by the Corporate Governance Requirements

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