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OCMX Listing Options

Listing Options

  • OCMX Review and Screeningquestion mark2The OCMX will review the required corporate documents, financial statements, any models and forecasts.

  • Base Listing Pagequestion mark2The Base Market Listing Page will be made accessible to all investors and advisors on The OCMX. Note: All listing are subject to OCMX review and approval.

  • Exposure to Investorsquestion mark2All Investors on the OCMX will have access to the OCMX Listing Page.

  • Exposure to Advisorsquestion mark2All Advisors on the OCMX will have access to the OCMX Listing Page.

  • Preferred Financing Feesquestion mark2Financing Fees of 4% applicable on monies raised through the OCMX.

  • Non-Exclusive Agreementquestion mark2The Company or Investment Fund can raise monies through their own efforts/network or through other Investment Banks/Financial Agents with no applicable OCMX Financing Fees.

  • Warrant Fees Waivedquestion mark2No Broker or Agent Warrants will be charged by the OCMX on capital raised.

  • Listing Page Admin Panelquestion mark2Listed Opportunities will have the ability to edit and manage their OCMX Listing Page on an ongoing basis.

  • Ongoing Press Releasesquestion mark2Press Releases on any completed fund raises (partial or full, inner network fund raises included) will be done to gain further exposure and provide investors and advisors further incentive to participate.

  • Listing Page Uploads

  • Subscription Agreementquestion mark2The ability to Post your Opportunity's Subscription Agreement on your OCMX Listing Page to provide interested investors and advisors with details on the logistics behind investing in your Opportunity.

  • Investor Presentationquestion mark2The ability to Post your Investor Presentation on your OCMX Listing Page to provide investors and advisors with a clear understanding of the opportunity which you are offering to them.

  • Financing Packagequestion mark2The ability to Post your Financing Package on your OCMX Listing Page to provide investors and advisors with a detailed understanding of the financials, background, and other pertinent information.

  • Additional Documentsquestion mark2The ability to Post additional documents on your OCMX Listing Page which you feel may be of interest or value to potential investors or advisors.

  • Opportunity Videoquestion mark2The ability to Post your Opportunity's Video on your OCMX Listing Page to provide investors and advisors with a more visual and appealing sense of your Opportunity.

  • Additional Listing Sections 

  • Management Teamquestion mark2Add the Management Team Section to your OCMX Listing Page to provide investors and advisors with a better understanding of the strength and leadership behind your Opportunity.

  • Opportunity Highlightsquestion mark2Add the Opportunity Highlights Section to your OCMX Listing Page to provide investors and advisors with a clearer understanding and a more concise summary of your Opportunity and its potential.

  • Opportunity Overviewquestion mark2Add the Opportunity Overview Section to your OCMX Listing Page to provide investors and advisors with a better understanding of why your opportunity is as unique as it is!

  • Online Dataroomquestion mark2Upload your Opportunity's Financials and other key documents for investors and advisors to better assess your Opportunity.

  • Reporting and Analyticsquestion mark2Access Reporting and Analytics on your Market Listing's key metrics to identify its successful aspects as well as areas for improvements.

  • Review & Update Discussionsquestion mark2Receive ongoing Updates and Reviews of your OCMX Listing's status directly with members from The OCMX.

  • Ongoing Listingsquestion mark2Create and upload ongoing OCMX Listings to provide your corporate clients with tremendous exposure across a vast group of motivated investors and other advisors. Please note that all listings are subject to OCMX approval.

  • * Six Month Minimum and plus applicable taxes

  • *$8,000 minimum listing requirement, regardless of listing options selected 

Venture Listing

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Dealer / Advisors

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Additional OCMX Listing Services

3 Month Investor Marketing Campaign

Use our experienced and energetic sales team to get your opportunity in front of active investors and advisors! We’ll start by conducting a dry-run investor presentation and go through best practices with you and your team.  You’ll then be able to go through your anticipated investor and advisor questions with The OCMX so as to best equip your team to provide investors and advisors with the right first impression!

Our marketing team will optimize the investor pitch, screen and filter potential investors and advisors, host investor or advisor discussions, and provide feedback for further insight into how investors and advisors are viewing your opportunity. We’ll even generate additional exposure for your OCMX Listing through campaigns to your inner networks, email campaigns and more.

$4,995* - See All Features

Comprehensive Onboarding

Leverage our in-house Onboarding Team to prepare your OCMX Listing Page and put your Opportunity’s Best Foot Forward! The process starts through a Kick-off Meeting with your team to determine the best course of action and what areas need the most work in preparation of your OCMX Listing. We’ll then begin work on producing your Opportunity’s Video which will include executive interviews, company media, and professional scripting. We’ll even help design and prepare all of the core OCMX Listing Materials such as the Subscription Agreement, Financing Package, Investor Presentation, and more!

$3,495* - See All Features

3 Month PR and Social Media Campaign

Use our Inbound Marketing Team to create and manage your PR and Social Media Campaign to further amplify your OCMX Listing! Our team will write highly effective content specific to your campaign as well as optimized for online and offline channels. The content will be posted across your own as well as OCMX social media channels. Once we’ve written your Press Release on your OCMX Listing, we’ll provide full distribution across our press channels, distribution partners, and subscription services.  We’ll manage the scheduling as well as the reporting so that you are well aware of the results and exposure gained for your OCMX Listing.

$2,495* - See All Features
Add-on Services

Market Listing

  • Onsite Video Interviewsquestion mark2Have your video filmed onsite so that investors and advisors may view the inner workings of your opportunity and your executive team (Transportation not included).

  • Social Media Design (per channel)question mark2Whether you're in need of a Social Media Channel designed from scratch or a complete overhaul, we are here to help with any of the Core Social Channels (Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or Youtube).

  • Business Planning and Strategic Analysisquestion mark2Let us analyze your opportunity and design a strategy to optimize your short term and long term growth plans.

  • Cost Optimization Planquestion mark2A Comprehensive Plan on how best to minimize corporate expenses while still achieving sales initiatives and growth milestones.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Planquestion mark2A Detailed Strategy which focuses on actionable items which will focus on how best to build your Company's or Investment Fund's audience by way of optimizing its product, price, place, and promotion strategies.

  • Valuation and Fairness Opinionquestion mark2A Detailed Report demonstrating the fair valuation of an asset, transaction, or entity.

  • Financial Statements Preparationquestion mark2Have your Financial Statements prepared and audited for review by investors, advisors, financing institutions, and other interested parties.

  • Research Reportquestion mark2A Comprehensive Report which will focus on the current state of your Company or Investment Fund, its industry, competitors, and most importantly its future potential for investors and advisors. In this way, the Research Report will serve as an excellent tool in which to broaden your investor and advisor base.

Venture Listing

  • $ 295

  • $ 495

  • $ 4,995

  • $ 2,495

  • $ 4,995

  • $ 4,995

  • $ 3,995

  • $ 4,995

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Dealer / Advisors

  • $ 295

  • $ 495

  • $ 4,995

  • $ 2,495

  • $ 4,995

  • $ 4,995

  • $ 3,995

  • $ 4,995

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* $8,000 minimum listing requirement, regardless of listing options selected 

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