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Investor Marketing Campaign

3 Month Investor Marketing Campaign

Use our experienced and energetic sales team to get your opportunity in front of active investors and advisors! We’ll start by conducting a dry-run investor presentation and go through best practices with you and your team. You’ll then be able to go through your anticipated investor and advisor questions with The OCMX so as to best equip your team to provide investors and advisors with the right first impression!

Our marketing team will optimize the investor pitch, screen and filter potential investors and advisors, host investor or advisor discussions, and provide feedback for further insight into how investors and advisors are viewing your opportunity. We’ll even generate additional exposure for your OCMX Listing through campaigns to your inner networks, email campaigns and more.

$4,995* - Get Started!

Let us Handle the Heavy Lifting Around your Investor Marketing Campaign so that You Can Stay Focused on Taking Your Business or Investment Fund to its Next Level!

Step 1: We'll Help Create the Marketing Pitch for Investors and Advisors

The Marketing Pitch will be Reviewed and Tested for the OCMX Team to Use In Order to Present your Opportunity to Potential Investors and Advisors.

Step 2: We'll then Screen and Filter for Potential Investors and Advisors

We’ll then Filter and Screen Investors and Advisors for Potential Candidates to your Opportunity.

Step 3: We'll Help Anticipate and Identify Potential Investor and Advisor Questions so that you and your Team can be Best Prepared

With your Opportunity in Mind, Our Team will help you Identify the Most Likely Set of Investor and Advisor Questions so as to Best Prepare you and your Team.

Step 4: Benefit from an OCMX hosted Dry-run Investor Presentation / Best Practices Session

Complete a Dry-run Investor Presentation with the Key Members of your Team and Ours In Order to Best Prepare Them for Upcoming Investor and Advisor Presentations.

Step 5: We'll Manage the Email Campaign to your Inner Network

Let us Design and Manage your Internal Email Campaign to your Existing Distribution List to Further Amplify your OCMX Listing’s Exposure.

Step 6: We'll Coordinate the Marketing Campaign to your Inner Network

We’ll Coordinate the Investor Marketing Campaign to your Inner Network of Contacts and Supporters.

Step 7: Benefit from the Exposure that Comes from an Email Campaign to OCMX Investors and Advisors

Receive Additional Exposure for your OCMX Listing by Having it Included in OCMX email campaigns.

Step 8: We'll Host Investor Presentations with Investors and Advisors

We’ll Host Ongoing Investor Presentations with Investors and Advisors.

Step 9: Identify Areas which You and Your Team want Investor and Advisor Feedback on

Identify the Core Areas for Our Team to Focus on When Following Up with Investors and Advisors on your Opportunity.

Step 10: Benefit From and Receive Feedback on Investor and Advisor Discussions

Receive Investor and Advisor Feedback so as to Best Position your Opportunity to Investors and Advisors.

* $8,000 minimum listing requirement, regardless of listing options selected

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If you’re looking for an innovative way to gain significant exposure or raise funds for your company or investment fund, we would be keen to discuss how we could work with you and your team. An OCMX Market Specialist is always ready to take that step with you and discuss how the OCMX and its online portal can help you and your team achieve its specific goals.

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