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Comprehensive Onboarding

Comprehensive Onboarding

Leverage our in-house Onboarding Team to prepare your OCMX Listing Page and put your Opportunity’s Best Foot Forward! The process starts through a Kick-off Meeting with your team to determine the best course of action and what areas need the most work in preparation of your OCMX Listing.

We’ll then begin work on producing your Opportunity’s Video which will include executive interviews, company media, and professional scripting. We’ll even help design and prepare all of the core OCMX Listing Materials such as the Subscription Agreement, Financing Package, Investor Presentation, and more!

$3,495* - Get Started!

Let us Do the Heavy Lifting to Prepare your OCMX Listing Page so that You can Stay Focused on Growing your Business or Investment Fund!

Step 1: We'll Host the Kick-off Meeting with you and your Team to Set the Game Plan

This involves a meeting with Key Team Members to Discuss Best Practices for Raising Funds and Gaining Market Exposure along with the Required Information for an Effective and Complete Campaign.

Step 2: We'll Coordinate with you and your Team around the Completion of the Comprehensive Financing Package for Investors and Advisors

The Financing Package will be Reviewed and Analyzed where necessary in order to help Provide Investors and Advisors with the Most Complete and Clear Picture Possible.

Step 3: We'll Handle Everything around the Management of your Online Data Room

We will Review, Analyze, and Organize your Online Data Room for Investors and Advisors.

Step 4: We'll Help Prepare the Subscription Agreement for your Review

A Completed Subscription Agreement will be Provided for your Team’s Review to Give Interested Investors and Advisors the Details on any Logistics behind Investing in your Opportunity.

Step 5: Let us help Create and Design your Investor Presentation

Let us help Create, Summarize, and Design your Investor Presentation to Provide Investors and Advisors with a Clear Understanding of your Opportunity.

Step 6: We'll Produce your Opportunity Video inclusive of Scripting and Executive Interviews

We’ll Film, Edit, Script, and Produce your Opportunity Video Inclusive of Executive Interviews to Provide Investors and Advisors with a More Visual and Appealing Sense of your Opportunity.

Step 7: Let us Create and Optimize your OCMX Listing Page

Start your Campaign Off Right with an Optimized OCMX Listing Page Inclusive of All Financing Package Elements and with Direct Input from your Key Team Members.

* $8,000 minimum listing requirement, regardless of listing options selected

List your Company or Investment Fund with us today!

If you’re looking for an innovative way to gain significant exposure or raise funds for your company or investment fund, we would be keen to discuss how we could work with you and your team. An OCMX Market Specialist is always ready to take that step with you and discuss how the OCMX and its online portal can help you and your team achieve its specific goals.

Want to List with The OCMX?  Speak to a Market Specialist today and take your Company or Investment Fund to its next level!

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