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“The OCMX is pleased to announce the closing of a $1.5 Million financing transaction on behalf of CRS Electronics Inc.  CRS Electronics is a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting products.”

– Stockhouse

“BNN Business Day Catherine Murray hosted the CEO of The OCMX to get his perspective on the latest changes to securities rules and regulations.  The latest changes are expected to enable a much more efficient connection between companies and investment funds raising funds and gaining exposure with investors and advisors using portals such as The OCMX…”
-Catherine Murray, BNN

“WAFU Inc., the maker of WAFU® Japanese-style dressings and mayonnaises, will be listed on The OCMX, a Canadian online portal for companies and investment funds to connect with investors and advisors…”

“The OCMX is an online portal which involves connecting companies and investment funds online with investors and advisors.”

-Brenda Bouw, The Globe and Mail

“The OCMX is an online portal which helps companies and investment funds to gain market exposure and raise funds. With so many available structures, the CEO said many companies and investment funds are spending too much time on finding the perfect financing vehicle, instead of promoting their business opportunity or investment fund to investors and advisors.”

-Donald Power, TechVibes

“The OCMX CEO believes the opportunity for mining companies and executives is to access a diversified investor and advisor base that will not move the market when exiting.”
-Anna Reitman, Canadian Institute of Mining

“Instead of going the conventional corporate finance route, Woody Harrelson and his company chose to go through The OCMX, a new Online Portal based in Toronto, which matches growth companies and investment funds raising funds and generating awareness with investors and advisors…” -Ivy Schmerken, Wallstreet and Technology

“BNN featured some serious Hollywood star power on Wednesday… when it checked out a company co-owned and promoted by Woody Harrelson, which was just listed on The OCMX…”
-Andrew Bell, BNN

“To raise the money, Woody Harrelson is using The OCMX, an online portal that matches companies and investment funds raising funds and generating exposure with investors and advisors…”
-Nick Leiber, Bloomberg Businessweek

“One of the things you learn very early on is that the critical success factor is due diligence, and when you start to roll up your sleeves, you realize that there is an enormous amount of opportunities in the marketplace which represent terrific value for investors and advisors, The OCMX CEO says.”
-Shane Schick, Yahoo! Finance

“The OCMX launched an online portal which enables growth companies and investment funds that are raising funds and generating market awareness to connect with investors and advisors. More than 25,000 investors, 30,000 issuers, and 8,000 advisors have already signed up…

-Penny Crosman, American Banker

“Woody Harrelson’s company is using Toronto-based online portal, The OCMX, to raise the $5 million, gain market awareness, and assist with any business planning along the way. …”
-Sara Castellanos, Boston Business Journal

“On the popular shows Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, inventors are given a chance to pitch their ideas to wealthy investors. The OCMX replicates that online, with a venue it launched to link investors and advisors with companies and investment funds raising funds and seeking market exposure…”
-Colin Campbell, Macleans

“The OCMX and its online portal have been taken up the food chain with a focus on connecting companies and investment funds raising funds and seeking additional exposure with investors and advisors…”
-Barry Critchley, Financial Post

“With The OCMX, the investor or advisor gets access to screened opportunities without having to hunt them down or know the right people, and the company or investment fund gets a one-stop shop for raising funds and generating market awareness.  There’s no business quite like it…”
-Bryan Borzykowski, Profit Guide

“We are literally taking the company or investment fund raising funds and seeking exposure right from the beginning to the end. We can help with the investor relations, the offering memorandum, the securities filing, and the syndication. It is very much a full-service experience in that we can assist with all the legal, regulatory and compliance requirements as well…”
-Jameson Berkow, Calgary Herald

“The OCMX is looking to assist with the estimated $11 Billion per year that is currently invested in businesses and investment funds by informal / angel investors, advisors, and others amidst the more than $90 Billion in total outstanding financings and monies raised for funds.” – Reuters

“Last week, the online portal The OCMX released a call for investors looking to profit by disrupting an environmentally destructive industry while solving a massive waste problem…”
-Jennifer Elks, Sustainable Brands

“The company is seeking $5 Million to grow but the money won’t come from the public markets. Instead the offering will be listed on the The OCMX, an online portal which connects investors and advisors with companies and investment funds…”
-Nick Rosen, Off-Grid

“To raise the funds, the company is using The OCMX, an online portal that matches growth companies and investment funds looking to raise funds and gain exposure with investors and advisors…”
-Nick Leiber, SFGate

“The listing which was posted on The OCMX came about at a conference where the CEO heard about the business and the involvement of Woody Harrelson. Shortly after, the company was listed on The OCMX…”
-JD Alois, Crowdfund Insider

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