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Risk Disclosure

Issuer” means a registered user, including any represented businesses, who requested financing or offered to sell securities of any kind through The OCMX (P2P Financial Inc.) web site.


Issuer Warning

Any Issuer may be considered to be offering a security under Canadian securities law and any information provided on this website may form part of a future document which may be considered an offering memorandum under Canadian securities law.

Every Issuer is liable for any and all misrepresentations in the offering memorandum. Therefore, the Issuer must not post or provide any false information on this web site.

The Issuer can only offer securities to accredited investors resident in one of the applicable jurisdictions, where The OCMX is registered as an exempt market dealer.

If there is a misrepresentation in the offering memorandum, the Investor has a right to sue the Issuer for damages or to cancel an agreement with the Issuer. The Investor has a right to sue regardless of whether or not the Investor relied on the misrepresentation.

The Issuers may be subject to penalties under applicable securities legislation should they fail to comply with any applicable securities legislation.

The Issuer is advised that all information posted on this web site including business models, business plans, prospects and any other information will be available for review and disclosed to Investors who may or may not keep any such information confidential.

Investor” means a registered user, including any represented business, for the purpose of providing financing or buying securities from the Issuer.


Investor Warning

The OCMX relies on third parties to verify identities and authenticate electronic signatures. No security offered on this web site is secured by any collateral or guaranteed or insured by any third party unless expressly stated and agreed otherwise. No securities regulatory authority has approved or expressed an opinion about any of the securities offered on The OCMX web site.

The Investor may lose some or all of his or her investments in any of the securities because securities offered on this web site are highly risky and speculative. Only Investors who can bear and are comfortable with the entire loss of their investment should invest in securities listed on The OCMX website. Only accredited investors can be Investors. The Investor should consult with his or her investment advisor before making any investment through The OCMX.

If provided, any credit information of any Issuer may be inaccurate or may not accurately reflect the Issuer’s creditworthiness, which may cause an Investor to lose part or all of their investment. The information supplied by the Issuer may be inaccurate or intentionally false. An Investor may also lose his or her entire investment in any security which was fraudulently created as a result of identity theft or impersonation.

The OCMX has a limited operating history. As an online company in the early stages of development, The OCMX faces increased risks, uncertainties, expenses and difficulties. The Investor will have to rely only on the Investor’s ability to recover his or her investment.