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4 Things to Know Before Your Next Business Launch

4 Things to Know Before Your Next Business Launch

With the onerous increase in entrepreneurial spirit, it’s never been harder to earn attention in the growth capital playground. Getting up and putting on your best smile just won’t cut it anymore. While those things are important, there are a few extras you can do to get a couple more looks in your direction. Here are four things you need to know before your next business launch.


1. Write a Press Release

Press releases are a great tool to get your message across, and what’s more it’s completely free. Put together a well-written document that encapsulates your business, service/product and culture. Don’t bore readers with the mind-numbing details about technology or design, put something short and sweet together and send it out to as many relevant publications as you can.


2. Engage the Media

Once you gather media contacts, start reaching out to them immediately. Just like a sales pitch, be ready to sell yourself and your business to the publications. Why should they cover you? What makes you special? Have good answers to these questions.


3. Don’t Forget Email

Email is incredibly effective. If done right, an email campaign can be your most effective tool for engagement and conversions. Make a plan, make templates to follow — an introductory, a follow up and a welcome email. Though it might look inefficient on the surface, sending well thought-out emails can be the difference between success and failure in the growth capital world.


4. Create Multimedia Content

Don’t just blog, make all kinds of multimedia content. Shoot videos, design flyers to hand out at networking events. Make creative slideshows, etc.. Treat blogging as a support system to a much bigger content creation initiative.