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4 Steps to Getting Your Early-Stage Growth Company Fully Funded

4 Steps to Getting Your Early-Stage Growth Company Fully Funded

While it’s no secret that there are a lot of hungry entrepreneurs out there trying to get their hands on growth capital, there are a few simple ways you can separate yourself from the pack. Before you launch your next financing campaign, be mindful of these four steps to getting your early-stage growth company fully funded.


1. Start Months in Advance

Give yourself plenty of time to plan the campaign, create top-notch content and coordinate the launch date. The growth leading up to the campaign can be argued to be more important as the growth during the campaign itself.


2. Understand the Customer/Investor

Do your best to narrow your market down to as small as you possibly can. Envision your ideal financing partner and try to find people or organizations that fit that image. If possible, send out testers before pressing the start button on your financing campaign. Early tester feedback should be a big decider on your strategy ahead.


3. Offer a Lifetime Perk

Offer your potential backers a lifetime perk. Maybe it’s free membership for life, or a lifetime supply of a particular product. It doesn’t have to be big, but these perks can go a long way in closing deals that are otherwise sitting on the fence.


4. Focus On Your Goal

Write out and plan your entire financing campaign before you start anything else. Be organized and be ready for adjustments when necessary. Set your goals and don’t lose focus.