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4 Amazing Traits to Look for Before Investing in a Founder

4 Amazing Traits to Look for Before Investing in a Founder

The gates swing open and off go the horses. When you invest in a early-stage growth company, there are a lot of variables to consider, but at the end of the day, you want to make sure you have your dough on a well-trained thoroughbred. To help you do so, here are four amazing traits to look for before investing in a founder.   


1. Owns Failures

People often avoid owning up to a mistake or failure, but if you’re about to saddle up your dollars with a company, make sure the founder is not one of these people. A good entrepreneur will never say “it’s my VP of Engineering’s fault.” Rather, they will take responsibility and truly learn the appropriate lesson and move forward.


2. Demonstrates a Sense of Fair Play

Scaling a business will put everyone involved in exciting, yet high-pressure situations, The most damaging thing a founder can do is to leave his own team hanging. The founder needs to step up to the plate as much if not more than the rest of his squad. It puts a very sour taste in the mouths of employees when they are asked to report at the office seven days a week with the founder nowhere in sight.


3. Has a Strong Sense of Economics

All good founders will have a strong sense of value exchange. When negotiating deal terms, a founder should ask what’s in it for me, and ask what’s in it for the other players. If the founder has a sense for win-win situations, you can almost be sure he/she has a shot to be competitive in the marketplace.


4. Not in Love With Their Idea

It sounds counterproductive on the surface, but markets and technology change all the time. What was great yesterday may no longer be great today. You want a founder who can keep an eye on changes and make the appropriate adjustments. So have doubts and challenge them each day.