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3 Ways To Use Video To Grow Your Business

3 Ways To Use Video To Grow Your Business

It’s time for business owners to understand the real power of video. It can help expand your business in many ways – it gives personality and authenticity to your company, can be used as a recruiting tool, and most importantly it can be used to showcase what you offer. Video can be used to engage potential customers in a way that text and photos cannot. Here are three ways you can utilize video to the fullest in order to grow your business


Video for recruitment

Video can also be used for recruiting, as it’s an extremely effective way to assess job candidates. By implementing video into your interview process, you can better gauge the candidates interpersonal skills; far better than a resume. In addition to that, many video interview platforms allow for non real-time interviews to take place, so you can use them to interview your applicants faster than if you were to compare it to traditional phone or face-to-face interviews.


Sharing Customer Testimonials

A recommendation from an actual customer has always been an effective way to bring in new business. Hearing other’s speak about positive experience they had with your company can have a larger positive impact on your brand than just reading it in an article. Video testimonials from real customers can have a huge impact on your business; it creates a sense of trust, and it’s a fantastic way to help sell your product/service without actually selling it.


Putting a face to your brand

A video is a great way to present your company culture. Whether you’re targeting clients, customers, or even investors, everyone is interested in seeing the faces behind the brand they’re considering. Using short clips to celebrate corporate achievements, employee milestones, and even anniversaries are all great ways to build trust between you and your customers.